Success Redefined
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How to Leverage Your Natural Talents To Become Limitless!
  • How to challenge the status quo & learn exactly what success really means for you!
  • The foundations you need to build in order to achieve that success
  • How to master your mind, so your thoughts and behaviours align with your desired outcomes…
  • How to create compelling goals that empower you to achieve your personal definition of success and get you to where you want to be!

This is one of the few personal development books I have not been able to put down. Leila Singh has such insights into the struggles we, as humans, deal with on a daily basis that hold us back from being the truly brilliant talents we really are and seldom become. The author writes in such a warming, non-condescending... really genuine way that helps you embark on an inner journey to find the belief within yourself to become whatever, and whoever, it is you want to become. Success Redefined, as a title, might make you wonder if it is another egotistical writing, "telling" you what "success" is. Far from it, Leila leads you on a journey to help you find what success is for you. With such a talent for communication, it is as if Leila knows the reader and how to touch the very soul with her insights.

The structure of the book is so easy to follow, each chapter leading seamlessly to the next, regardless of how you approach a book, or embrace the journey via each page.

I felt so buzzed after reading this incredible book, simply because I thought I had failed in life and business in some ways, and not reached true success in others. Now I have realised that there is no such thing as failure, only a journey to success, and that my journey has been full of successes and joys along the way, and that I am still on my way; that I have to redefine what success is for me, measuring that success in ways I have never done before, and celebrating each step of the journey as each takes me closer to my ultimate goal.So, great debut author, you got me buzzed... thank you for what you have done for me. What do you have in the pipeline to help further this epic journey I have begun? :)

Miles FryerAmazon Customer


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