About Leila Singh

Leila Singh

Leila qualified as an accountant (FCCA) in 1997, and her early career was spent developing her finance experience in a range of diverse roles, including amongst others a top 6 multinational law firm and a global telecoms company. Keen to challenge herself and step out of her comfort zone, she then spent two years as a Consultant in Financial Recruitment, a move which she cites as having a profound impact on both her personal and professional career.

Leila is known as the Limitless Success Coach™

  • BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (2:1) – Oxford Brookes University
  • Qualified Accountant – FCCA
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy (ABNLP & ABH)
  • Award-Winning Author – “The Limitless Success Coach”
  • International Speaker
  • Creator of the “Ultimate Success Blueprint”™
  • Accredited Coach (IIC&M)

It was during her time in recruitment, that Leila gained an insight into the motivation and behaviour of others, realising her passion for coaching and mentoring others towards fulfilling their potential and achieving their aspirations, a passion which she finds truly rewarding.

Leila has since developed a successful career spanning 14 years within a Global IT Company, in Corporate Finance, Treasury and latterly as a top performing Sales executive.

In parallel, Leila continues to invest time and energy into her own personal development, including qualifying as a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist in 2016, and also an Accredited Coach (IIC&M). Over the last few years, Leila has smashed through her own perceived limitations, repeatedly stepped outside of her comfort zone and amongst others, successfully completed board breaks, walked over hot coals, and latterly over broken glass! She is an undergraduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University, and also a member of the Professional Speakers Academy, which has enabled her to further enhance her professional speaking skills, to that of an International Speaker – something she would never have dreamt of doing a few years ago!

Leila is currently working with highly motivated, talented and driven individuals like herself to inspire and empower them to get clear and uncover their own definition of success, realise their true talents, and overcome their perceived limitations, to become limitless!

Leila’s journey has culminated in the writing of her Award-Winning book, ‘Success Redefined – How to Leverage Your Natural Talents to Become Limitless’, where she shares the system she has created to achieve success, the ‘Ultimate Success Blueprint™’ based on simple principles applied throughout her own life, and also with her coaching clients.

Leila is a source of inspiration. Her passion for life is infectious. With the end game in mind, her laser sharp focus, dedication and tenacity ensures that she delivers positive outcomes with authenticity and integrity. She is the consummate professional, highly motivated with a positive can-do attitude, whilst her warm and friendly style puts others at ease.

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[Webinar] Sessions have been inspirational, professional and have been so refreshing during the last few months while working through the transition! Content and delivery is brilliant. I would strongly recommend all staff access them, and buy the book!

I’m certain the company will benefit hugely from any impact and positive behavior changes from individuals in the work place as a result of taking the time to think through the seven steps. Providing individuals with the tools and guidance on how to break down areas of life to achieve goals, aims and ultimately success according to themselves is very empowering to see (I witnessed this in the sessions from reading the comments and excellent feedback provided). I honestly believe and suggest these sessions should be on a rolling programme over the course of the year to catch staff all year round old and new; they are relevant to all colleagues at all levels, top down and bottom up.’ I came away from these sessions feeling empowered.

‘Happy workers achieve more, and are more likely to go the extra mile to succeed not only for themselves but for colleagues and for the company. Definitely a win, win situation. One of the reasons I joined a company of this scale and size, was to be part of a culture that stimulates positive and disruptive thinking, to be in an environment surrounded by people who want positive progress, and to achieve something purposeful. The fact these sessions have been allowed to be scheduled in during such transition and change has clarified the decision to join the company was the right one. Only a company that believes in a supportive environment for all would allow these sessions to take place, a one which has great direction and values women in the workplace, encouraging all to aim high and be ‘your best self’. I felt it was the right time to forward this on to you as the company evolve into a new chapter so that while this happens that wherever these words end up, they fall into the right inbox to make more happen!

All the very best in what you do! Keep on the great work passing on the message to all in order to make a difference to many.’

Denise Jones, PMO Manager
“Having worked with Leila for over 10 years, I can say with confidence that she is a talented and highly driven motivated individual, who consistently invests 100% passion, focus and enthusiasm to whatever she puts her mind to. Leila is an inspiration to others with her track record of both personal and professional success, and applies her optimistic can-do attitude towards any challenge she faces. Leila’s warm and friendly style creates a comfortable environment for others to engage, enabling Leila to identify and develop potential.”
Mathew Llewellyn, EMEA Sales Director